no, no…she’s my mom bib

When The Hybrid was an infant, my wife, a friend of hers who is white, myself, and The Hybrid went to a local mall to walk around. I was pushing The Hybrid in his stroller while my wife and her friend walked along side us, talking.

At one point we walked past two older white women. As we walked by them, one of the women turned ot the other and said, “I wonder which one is the nanny?”

I found it funny. Not because it was funny, but because someone would actually say it out loud. Neither my wife nor her friend heard it, and when I mentioned it to them, they found it funny as well.

Since then, several other family members and friends who are in inter-ethnic relationships or marriages who have children have mention similar things being said to them or about them.

That gave me the idea for the Not the Nanny Gear. The idea is to proudly state that you are indeed the parent and not a nanny. Or a manny in a guy’s sense.

The link to my Cafepress shop is below. I will add more designs and products as time allows, but for the time being, I hope you will check it out. There are bibs, onsies, shirts for children and adults, hats, a bag, mugs..


Not the Nanny Gear: