about me

me, actually outside.

Just a post-punk dad of two hybrid (Caucasian/Filipino) boys (the Hybrid and Hybrid 2) and husband to one truly unbelievably patient wife.

I currently work in the editorial services department for a health insurance company, while in my past life I have been a QA engineer for a big software/hardware company, Aikido student, Tai Chi student, swing dance student, editorial manager for a major business publisher, retail manager to too many stores, one half of a web design company, host/founder of an internet radio station, and about a dozen or so more things.

Reading interests are mostly science fiction, cyberpunk, noir, vampire horror (but not that Twilight stuff; look up Charlie Huston on the Google), and the ocassional memoir.

I have a 100-word flash fiction newsletter, Short Kick-Ass Tales, where I will send you a new story every Friday at noon, as well as the ocassional surprise haiku or longer story. If you like that sort of thing.

I can be reached at imdadnoir@gmail.com