a little sickness goes a long way

About four weeks ago, Hybrid 2 was sick with a cough. Nothing major, took a Monday off from school due to a lack of sleep, but by the end of the week he was fine.

The following Monday, the Hybrid took off from school because he had the cough and a lack of sleep. By the end of the week nothing changed and he still had the cough. Sometimes really coughing hard. Took the following Monday off as well.

You can catch up by reading my previous post.

But then Christmas Eve rolls around. Normally we spend this night with my in-laws, and Christmas day with my family. This Christmas Eve, my wife was sick. Really sick. Like achy sick. So I took the boys to my in-laws house on my own, which is fine.

We all go to a Christmas pageant at their church, stay for the mass, the Hybrid gets swept up to the altar with the other kids there for a question and answer session with the priest during the homily. The Hybrid later stated that he didn’t know the answers to any of the questions the priest asked. I told him that that was fine and that we can talk about religion whenever he wanted.

(The Hybrid 2 wasn’t feeling well again at this point and hung back with us.)

Get back to the in-laws house, have dinner, have dessert, and then open gifts. After that, we head back home.

When we get there, my wife takes the Hybrid 2’s temperature and it’s at 102 degrees F. Gave him some medication and sent him to bed.

Next day, the boys go downstairs and wait for us to wake up to open the presents. That’s the amazing thing about the hybrids: they will wait for us. They won’t wake us up. They’re good like that. We wake up, and open all the gifts. Afterwards we have some breakfast, and the Hybrid and I get ready to head over to my sister’s house since my wife and Hybrid 2 are still too sick to head over.

We spend the day there opening gifts, hanging out, having lunch/dinner, blah blah blah. Afterwards we had home and I can finally relax.

The next day, Wednesday, my wife is supposed to go to work. I’m lucky enough that my company is closed for the week. She’s still not feeling well so she goes to a nearby urgent care. She comes home instead of going to work. She has pink eye. In both eyes.

I try to stay the hell away from her for the rest of the day and Thursday.

Friday I wake up to ichy eyes and a tearing right eye. Head to the urgent care. I have pink eye. In both eyes. I have to take antibiotic eyedrops. I don’t like eyedrops. I can’t do eyedrops. The antibiotics always end up rolling down my cheek because I miss my eye. And yes, I use a mirror.

So the last four weeks of the year, pretty much the entire month of December, has been one long illness roundabout. Or more if you count the cough, fever, aches, and pink eyes separately.

If we’re lucky, we might make it to New Year’s without some major outbreak of something.

(Update: I just tried to put the drops in my eyes. It took three drops to get one drop in each eye.)

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