fast car revisited

It wasn’t. His car didn’t place this year. Again. He says next year he wants a faster car. We’ll have to try harder I guess.

A NASA rocket scientist has a Youtube video about building a derby car and I tried following it, along with some other hints I learned over the years: bake the care for two hours to get the moisture out so you can add more weight up to the 5oz limit (we were at 4.98oz when I weighed the car), put the added weight 9/10 of an inch in front of the rear axel, bend the axels for least amount of wheel touching the track to reduce friction, polish the axels, use powdered graphite as on the wheels/axels for lubricant, make a sacrifice to the derby gods.

The Hybrid ran in four heats and placed 3rd, 3rd, 4th, and 3rd. But since there were nine or ten other scouts, he didn’t make he cut.

So we shall try again next year.

he likes his cars red & black

Next big thing coming for the Hybrid is the Rise of Masters karate tournament at the end of the month.

He’s going to try a new event: Grappling.

He might just place.