shit to get done in 2019 six-month update

It’s been half a year, let’s see where I stand with my 2019 goals:

  • lose some weight. ideally about 40 lbs but in reality, anything would be good. shooting for at least 25 lbs
  • take more photos. not just of the family, but of the world in general.
  • finish (restart) that novel I’ve been working on for the past decade.
  • clear out some of the toothbrushes in our bathroom. there are four of us, but seven toothbrushes. that doesn’t seem to add up.
  • join a gym (or something like that) so I actually have to leave the house. and have to exercise.
  • throw out all of those socks with holes in them. and maybe my boxers with holes as well. and t-shirts too I guess.
  • eat better. less soda and sugary snacks and more water and healthy snacks.
  • take the Hybrid to a soccer game since I have been promising to take him to a game since, oh I don’t know, he was five maybe.
  • not spend money of frivolous things. I need to spend it on good things, like a gym. and new socks and boxers and t-shirts.
  • not let people and circumstances get to me. try to have more patience. keyword: try.
  • do some more DIY projects around the house. because things need work.
  • blog more stuff. get this thing going. maybe add a youtube channel of me doing DIY stuff around the house. because people need to laugh.
  • more together family time.
  • more haikus.
  • get the battery of my watch replaced. it’s only been about 6 months. give or take.
  • less of the facebook. much less. nothing of real emergency happens there so I shoud be able to lower the time I’m on it.
  • convince Hyrbid 2 that I really am Batman.
  • learn how to prioritze better.

so far, two items checked off the list. i’ve been trying to be better at spending time with the family; yesterday we went to see some fireworks in the neighboring town.

got the watch battery fixed. turns out the watch died. so this item was a bust.

I have some diy projects coming up later in the summer. I need to tear down the wallpaper in the foyer and then paint the walls. I need to fix the ceiling fan in the rec room because that hasn’t worked in about a year.

Blogging has obviously been downplayed recently. I haven’t posted as often as I’d like but I hope to rememdy that soon.

As for the other items, I’ll see about getting to them in this life time.