end of year wrap up, or 2019, what a year

With 2019 coming to an end, let’s see what exciting things happened this year:

Went to DisneyWorld for the first time. It was fun, I guess. The boys enjoyed it, even though we didn’t get all the pool time they wanted. Cheryl enjoyed it; she got two kisses from Minnie Mouse at the character lunch we went to. I enjoyed because they enjoyed it. Amusement parks aren’t my thing. Even the new Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge didn’t do much for me.
first order stormtroopers The workers there are too much in character, telling me not to say “lightsaber” too loudly because they fear for their life. Or when asking directions from one of them, having them say things like, “Visitors have told us the best place is back on Earth, so you must travel in that direction to get there….”

That got old real fast. But the park itself looked cool and straight out of Star Wars.

Installed vinyl flooring, mostly. Though it’s notcompletely finished (I still have to install the trim and then sand and paint it), I got the flooring down so I’m counting that as a win.

Got a new tattoo, the first one in 12 years. It’s the cover image from Haruki Murakami’s American version of The Wind-up Bird Chronicle. It’s one of my favorite novels and I liked the image of the bird so I figured why not? It would balance out the tribal sun/celtic knot I have on the inside of my forearm. I guess it’s a literary tattoo of some sort, technically.

wind-up bird

Leasing a new CR-V because I damn well needed a car and a Mini Cooper was out of the question because we have a family. Go figure.

So those are the highlights of the year. Not many, but a manageable enough list.

And as for the shit to get done in 2019 list…another toothbrush has been added to the bathroom so we’re up to five brushes for a family of four.